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Our attorneys at Aaronson & Mach, P.C. can advise you with regard to forming a corporation, limited liability company or various other entities for your business or real estate, and can guide you in the formation of the appropriate entity to secure the advantages and protections of limited liability that comes with the proper use of an entity. Additionally, our lawyers can provide guidance with tax issues that may arise during the conduct of your business.

It is critical that a business owner have a complete understanding of the steps necessary to receive the advantages and protections a corporation or limited liability company can provide. It is the goal of Aaronson & Mach, P.C. to make certain that our clients fully understand every aspect of their choice of entity, leaving no unanswered corporate or tax questions.

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The purchase or sale of a home, condominium or commercial property may be one of the most significant financial transactions you experience in your lifetime. Our attorneys and paralegals have the experience to handle all aspects of your real estate transaction, whether in Pittsfield, elsewhere in Berkshire County or beyond.

Whether starting a new business, purchasing an existing business or seeking some assurance that an existing business complies with all applicable requirements, the lawyers at Aaronson & Mach, P.C. can provide appropriate guidance tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Particularly if you have minor children or own your own home, the administration of your estate is simpler and less expensive if you have a Will. Without a Will, Massachusetts law dictates the disposition of your property upon your death. Having a Will in place allows you to make the decisions that will affect your family and protect your children.

Losing a loved one is always difficult but having little guidance though the probate process can add unbearable strain for the family. Our attorneys are available to guide you through the process.